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I only take cash payments and Mobilepay.

Your dog will be assigned a a pricegroup (A,B,C or D) on the first visit according to breed, matting, temperament, condition of fur etc. When booking I will try to give an estimate, but only after the first visit can I give a fixed price.

The pricegroup may change over time, as the condition of your dogs fur, the temperament and behaviour of the dog and the styling all can change. However you will always get an explanation as to why.
I make sure we’re on the same page regarding the length – a puppy cut can mean a lot of different things. It is important that your dogs need for brushing matches your daily life.
Sometimes it is necessary to shave a dog due to matting. I do that for the good of the dog as a matted fur doesn´t protect a dog from the weather and can be quite painful for the dog.
All prices are inclusive 25% VAT
Prices Oct 1. 2023

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