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When visiting the Salon:

  • Please make sure your dog has done it’s business before your appointment.
  • Please keep all dogs on a leash when arriving and leaving the salon.
  • Please let me know about any medical situations and/or special needs.
  • Allow some extra time for the first appointment so I can get a chance to get to know the dog, feel the fur and talk about expectations and wishes for the grooming.
  • You are welcome to stay and observe your dog being groomed, but usually children find the process too long and boring so better to leave them at home 🙂
  • When cancelling, please call a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment.  This gives another dog the chance to fill the slot. If you cancel within 24 hours I will charge full price.
  • The grooming session will be stopped if your dog has fleas or lice and you will be charged with a desinfection fee of DKK 200,-

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